What we're known for

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business attracts and nurtures a new kind of leader who has the power to bring out the strength in others and move teams forward toward a common purpose. Our community is made up of students and faculty from around the world who thrive in an environment with differing viewpoints. We bring them together to inform a leadership style that inspires entire organizations to do better while doing what’s best.

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What we do

Fuqua enrolls more than 2,000 students a year across ten degree programs and eleven non-degree programs, designed to help working professionals, as well as full-time students, push their limits and try new things. While our campus is based in North America, we are known for providing opportunities for learning and engagement around the world.

The school has long-standing relationships with firms in key industries, including health care, financial services, consulting, technology, consumer goods, energy and the environment, and media, as well as a focus in the areas of entrepreneurship and social impact. Our network of 28,000+ alumni, many of whom remain highly engaged with Fuqua, are known for a special way of working. Ultimately, we measure the success of our graduates by their impact on workplaces and the world around them, by their relationships and reputations.

What’s in a name?

J.B. Fuqua had a problem. A lot of ambition. Not a lot of money. College just wasn’t going to happen. So this Virginia farm boy asked several universities to mail him books instead. Only Duke responded. Call it distance learning, Depression-style, but those finance and banking books laid the foundation for a Fortune 500 company and J.B. Fuqua’s success.

Eleven years after Duke University chartered the Graduate School of Business in 1969, it was named The Fuqua School of Business with a gift from J.B. Fuqua in gratitude for that early relationship.

J.B. Fuqua believed any obstacle could be overcome with education and hard work, and this sense of grit remains part of our culture still. His support helped us evolve into one of the world’s best business schools. Our story shows how gifts—even those as small as a book—can make a difference.