Leading-edge thinking

Faculty drive research and teaching within eight academic areas, each with a rigorous commitment to excellence. Creating new insights in domains ranging from blockchain technology to negotiation strategy, our faculty have earned international recognition for their expertise.

Established as a leader in business education, Fuqua is one of the few schools ever ranked #1 by Bloomberg Businessweek and is consistently ranked among the top schools on industry leader boards. Our academic areas are a key driver of that success.

Accounting at Fuqua


Award winners in accounting ethics, literature, and teaching, our faculty are reshaping the thoughts and ideas that firms are driving in capital markets. Examining topics ranging from biases in accounting to how vocal cues can help detect fraud, our renowned accounting scholars are elevating and advancing the numbers game.

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The Fuqua School of Business

Decision Sciences

Developing analytic methods to help make better decisions, Decision Sciences research and courses embrace a wide variety of approaches and are broadly applicable and interdisciplinary in nature. These tools are useful in a variety of business roles, and the underlying disciplined thinking—carefully considering objectives, risks, incentives, and competition and using data wisely—is invaluable throughout a business career.

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The Fuqua School of Business campus


Effective managerial decision making and forward planning in today's complex economic environment require a clear understanding of how firms, customers, and governments interact in various market settings. The Economics area combines theoretic analyses with a data-driven approach to help students and business managers understand how different market structures affect the way firms make optimal strategic decisions.

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Finance faculty discussing their research in the Fuqua Fox Center


Almost every career—whether in finance, consulting, marketing, general management, tech, entrepreneurship, or nonprofit—requires a solid understanding of finance. Researching on a broad range of topics within their discipline, our Finance faculty are thought leaders in areas such as asset pricing, theoretical corporate finance, and behavioral finance. Whether entering the program from a career in finance or with no exposure, students can take standard courses in corporate finance and investment, as well as in-depth specialized classes on M&A, corporate restructuring, risk management, entrepreneurial finance, fin-tech, international finance, global asset allocation, tax planning, private equity and venture capital, and more.

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Management at Fuqua

Management and Organizations

Immersed in research on managing organizations in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, our faculty are advancing management practice and leading the way to the development of scholarly disciplines. They’re designing better energy metrics for consumers and conducting research on the appearance of injustice on cooperative behavior. By studying how individual psychology, organizational conditions, and social factors can shape how decisions are made, faculty in the Management and Organizations area are using their knowledge to generate positive change.

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Marketing at Fuqua


Faculty in our Marketing area combine cutting-edge analytical, behavioral, and empirical techniques for a comprehensive view of what drives individual customers, and hence both firm profitability and societal change. The customer is inherently complex and unpredictable, so the state-of-the art techniques we develop and teach allow our students to succeed through deeper insights.

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Operations Management at Fuqua

Operations Management

The Operations Management faculty create and convey knowledge about the production and distribution of goods and services around the globe. The increased complexity of global supply chains presents new challenges in achieving efficiencies in the sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics functions of the organization. At the same time, the massive amounts of data generated through online retailing offer unprecedented opportunities to learn about customer preferences and tailor the supply chain to better match supply and demand. Our faculty develop novel models and methodologies to optimize the extended supply chain.

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Fuqua strategy area students working on a project


Strategy is, at its heart, about understanding and leveraging competitive dynamics with a focus on the emergence and persistence of above-average firm profits. With their interdisciplinary approach in areas extending from CEO activism to the competitive advantage of internal labor markets, faculty in our Strategy area are developing frameworks that examine the underlying issues facing firms and managers. As internationally recognized thought leaders in industries including health care, consulting, and technology, they’re developing pioneering research, consulting with businesses, and changing legislation.

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